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Greetings, The Woodlands, TX pool owners! Is pool cleaning a chore that has rained on your sunny swim parade? Let us now push those clouds away. Our dedicated team is here to restore the luster to your backyard oasis.

Consider this: You have just gotten home from work, the Texas sun is still shining brightly, and your pool is calling your name. Instead of reaching for the pool net and chemicals, you simply reach for your swimsuit. The pool is sparkling clean, perfectly balanced, and ready for you.

That is the type of peace of mind we provide. As a reputable local pool service provider, we are dedicated to keeping your pool in top condition month after month. So relax, take a refreshing swim, or simply admire the clear water. Everything else is taken care of.

Are you curious about our service? While we do not publish our monthly pool rates on the website, you can find out about our reasonable and competitive pricing by giving us a call. Give us a call and we will talk about how we can relieve you of the burden of pool maintenance. Begin your journey to a stress-free pool experience with us today!

Why should pool owners hire a local pool service company?

The following five reasons can be given:

  1. Pool service companies know what they’re doing and how to do it properly. A pool owner who does not have much experience working with pools might inadvertently create a problem when maintaining it. Even if that person is skilled in other areas, such as lawn care or home repairs, they could still find it challenging to clean or maintain a swimming pool properly. A good pool service company consists of people who have the knowledge and experience necessary for this job.
  2. Pool owners need to focus on other aspects of their business and cannot afford to spend hours every week cleaning pools or figuring out how to remove stains or scale from tile walls. Hiring a pool service company to take care of this for them is an incredibly inexpensive way of making sure that their swimming pools are always clean and inviting since most pool owners will need to pay only once per month for these services.
  3. Pool service companies have the right pool equipment necessary for this job. They have the right chemicals, brushes that will scrub stains from tile walls and other areas and use various methods for keeping pools clean so that no particular area is neglected. Unfortunately, homeowners who attempt to get their swimming pools cleaned adequately by hand or with simple equipment could easily wind up damaging their pool surfaces in the process.
  4. Pool service companies can do an even better job than most pool owners would, primarily because they’re working with other people’s pools all the time and therefore know exactly what works best for this type of project. If a pool owner were to try to clean their pool regularly, it might not wind up looking as good as it could, simply because they haven’t seen other swimming pools and spas in the same condition.
  5. Regular pool maintenance by a professional service company ensures long-lasting pools. Neglected pool surfaces can suffer damage, leading to premature deterioration. It’s disheartening when homeowners discover their pool finishes peeling off shortly after installation due to improper cleaning. Additionally, consistent maintenance maximizes equipment efficiency, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience for all.

What type of pool maintenance does your pool service company offer?

There are several different types of swimming pool services that can be provided. Depending on the size and condition of your pool, you may need only one type or all of them. The following list of pool maintenance services should give you an idea of what’s available:

  1. Cleaning – Pool service companies clean pools using chemicals and other tools to remove debris, dirt, and other things that can make a pool less attractive. They may also scrub the sides of a pool, using brushes if necessary, to remove any stains or other problems with this area.
  2. Skimming – Pools should be skimmed at least once per month. In many cases, they will be skimmed on a weekly basis (especially in the Houston and surrounding areas), if not more often. Pools that are skimmed regularly will look better and be cleaner overall. Skimming involves removing any leaves or other items floating on top of the water’s surface.
  3. Vacuuming – Regular vacuuming is also important, especially in spring before it gets too hot outside. This removes debris suspended in the water that could collect on the pool floor or sides. Pump filters should be replaced regularly to ensure that the system works as it should.
  4. Cleaning baskets – Cleaning baskets keep debris from entering pumps and filters, which reduces the amount of work necessary to keep a swimming pool looking good at all times. They need to be emptied regularly.
  5. Baskets for leaf control – There are special baskets that can be used to prevent leaves from collecting on pool surfaces, which reduces the amount of debris that needs to be filtered out later on. These baskets should also be emptied as necessary (typically once or twice per week).
  6. Algae treatments – Treating algae is a significant problem with pools. Effective treatment can remove the algae, keep it from coming back, and keep pool walls stain-free.
  7. Equipment inspection – In some cases, pool service companies will provide equipment inspections before they begin work on a particular project to ensure everything will go smoothly once the cleaning process begins.

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